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Namaste " I bow to your soul"

Do angels exist? What proof do we have?

Do you believe in winged, feathered angels? We are entering a delicate subject but an interesting one.


After Death Communications

How is death experienced by the people who stay behind? How do people who have just passed communicate with us?


Is it possible to predict the future?

Psychics have been popular since the dawn of ages. Jesus, Moses, and Mohamed have delivered prophecies, and of course, many others I will not name here.


Spiritual Bliss

Spiritual bliss can last a few minutes, hours, weeks, or even months and years. Understandably after such an experience, you would not want to come back to your everyday mundane life.


Who is my spirit guide?

Please take a moment and close your eyes while trying to imagine how your spirit guide could look. What did you see or imagine? 


Animal Telepathy Communication

Various studies have proven that an animal’s presence can help children with special needs or seniors in old folks’ homes interact more. The chosen animals take their jobs very seriously and are happy to help.


The Proof of Mediumship

Sometimes, the soul of the deceased will “continue” to manifest and talk or look for things in boxes, make other noise, or interfere with lights and the like.


About Grieving

Every Being, as well as all objects come with an expiration date. We all will with absolute certainty go through the experience of death.


The History of Mediumship

We all long to know what happens when we die. One of the greatest mysteries of life is in fact “death”. Thanks to Mediums we are able to learn the truth of our eternal existence. 


Raise your Vibration

High vibration is an uplifted feeling. It can range from being grateful for something in your life, happiness, or even admiration of a beautiful place in nature. 


Out of Body and Near-Death Experiences

A near-death experience and the events that follow the short death are generally linked to a cardiac arrest. An out of body experience is not connected with death. Or at least not when we speak about it.


You have a super power? Prove it!

Researchers have confirmed that communicating with the deceased is a distinct state from ordinary thinking or imagination.


From Coincidence to Synchronicity

Lately, I see a lot of people mentioning their spiritual signs which they have received from above. Be it photographs with streaks of light, watches acting out weirdly, or any other phenomena that are unusual. We should not fall into the trap of looking for something spiritually meaningful and unique on every occasion. In my opinion, not everything is a sign from above.


Trauma and Soulwork

We are for sure intricate beings! Our physical bodies produce without our awareness a chemical interaction, including hormones, that influence our wellbeing in so many ways. Our conscious and unconscious minds are getting us through the day with a gazillion of information processed by our brains without us going crazy. Or so it seems!

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Tatjana embodies compassion as both a medium and a teacher. Beyond her spiritual vocation, she also serves as a dedicated funeral celebrant, crafting authentic ceremonies that honor the memory of the deceased.

Fluent in English, French, and German, Tatjana considers Switzerland her home, but her influence extends to English-speaking countries, where she showcases her mediumship talents at conferences and workshops.

To learn more about Tatjana's role as a funeral celebrant, we invite you to explore her website.

You can reach Tatjana either by WhatsApp or on her landline at +41 22 731 9731.

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