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Workshops and Courses on Intuition, Mediumship, and Cartomancy

Namaste " I bow to your soul"

Workshops and Courses on Intuition, Mediumship, and Cartomancy

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Tatjana's workshops, courses, and seminars stem from her heartfelt spiritual journey. She's chosen to open up about her experiences of profound loss and spiritual experiences to offer solace and guidance to those navigating similar paths.

She generously shares the secrets and wisdom inherited from her esteemed mentor, Mavis Pittilla. As a certified trainer endorsed by Mavis Pittilla, who herself was trained by the renowned Gordon Higginson, Tatjana takes great pride in carrying on Mavis's legacy and passing on her knowledge and insights to participants.

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Beyond her spiritual calling, Tatjana holds certification as an adult educator by FSEA (Swiss Federation for Continuing Education) and has been passionately teaching since 2004. Her courses are vibrant and interactive, infused with her extensive practical wisdom, which she shares with genuine sincerity and warmth. She dedicates herself to helping each participant unlock their full potential while nurturing their spiritual development.

These courses cater to individuals of all levels and are structured in four or eight 90-minute weekly sessions. This format facilitates steady progress within intimate groups of 6 to 10 participants tailored to the chosen course.

Explore the tabs below to delve deeper into each course and register for this transformative journey. Become part of our spiritual community today.

Refined Courses Offered by Soulwhisperer

Intuition Mastery Seminars for Businesses

Tatjana also provides select courses as seminars tailored for businesses seeking to integrate intuitive development into their professional setting. Don't hesitate to contact her to organize a personalized seminar to meet your requirements.

The Benefits of Online Courses

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Our souls soar beyond the confines of physical boundaries, enabling us to forge connections with kindred spirits across the globe. As spiritual practitioners, we understand that physical presence isn't a prerequisite for deep, soulful communication; our innate connection transcends distance.

Gone are the days of embarking on lengthy travels or navigating busy city streets searching for parking. Now, you can join our transformative classes from the cozy comfort of your home, no matter how many miles may separate each participant.

The warmth of connection, palpable and sincere, flows freely between individuals, akin to the experience of being physically present. Through our online groups, Tatjana can witness the vibrant energy of each participant and guide them through their evolution week by week.

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Moreover, sessions can be recorded without intruding on individual privacy, allowing later reflection and review. Tatjana also fosters a close-knit community through a dedicated private Facebook group, where participants can continue their exchanges and support one another.

While we cherish in-person interactions, Tatjana also arranges occasional meet-ups for those yearning to connect with the digital realm.

Embrace this opportunity to embark on a journey of spiritual growth through our online courses, where participants have discovered profound satisfaction in the harmonious blend of spirituality and cutting-edge technology.

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Unlock Your Full Potential



Embark on a Journey: Explore the Depths of the Soul and Mind

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Like a Box of Chocolates...

Let's Unveil Its Hidden Mysteries!

In our courses and workshops, boredom has no place.

Embark on a journey of discoveries and joy as you explore your soul!

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Your Spiritual Journey

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The journey towards spiritual awakening, growth, and soul exploration is often a solitary path. Tatjana has traversed this path herself, and she understands well how valuable it is to be surrounded by people who share your experience and can support you on your journey.

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Soulwhisperer is here to ...

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  • INSPIRE YOU through our spiritual discussions.

  • HELP YOU recognize your own potential.

  • EMPOWER YOU in your spiritual journey.

  • DEMYSTIFY common misconceptions about spirituality and mediumship.

  • SUPPORT YOU in your growth.

  • SHARE our experiences and knowledge during our course to empower you to spread your wings.

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Tatjana embodies compassion as both a medium and a teacher. Beyond her spiritual vocation, she also serves as a dedicated funeral celebrant, crafting authentic ceremonies that honor the memory of the deceased.

Fluent in English, French, and German, Tatjana considers Switzerland her home, but her influence extends to English-speaking countries, where she showcases her mediumship talents at conferences and workshops.

To learn more about Tatjana's role as a funeral celebrant, we invite you to explore her website.

You can reach Tatjana either by WhatsApp or on her landline at +41 22 731 9731.

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