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Case Studies 🕊️

Julie and the Dove

During the mediumship session with Julie*, all given messages made sense to her but one. As I was examining the information, it seemed that there was a link between her deceased husband and a green shirt with a dove. The impression I had was that someone was holding on to it. She couldn’t remember anything specific about a green shirt and a dove. We left it at that.

Months later, she contacted me and confirmed that there was indeed a green shirt with a white fainted bird that looked like a dove. Julie’s teenage son took the sweater after his father’s passing and would « reconnect » with him whenever he felt low. Julie found out about it when she mentioned it casually to her mother in law while talking about the session she had with me. Her son overheard the conversation and admitted later on that he had a green shirt.

The relationship between mother and son was difficult but became more complicated after the father’s passing. The green shirt reconnected them again, and both mother and son « made peace ». I guess the dove was just a « coincidence » in all of this.

*Names have been changed.


Marina and the promise of eternal love

Marina* came to see me for a therapy session as she had suffered from migraines. I had not intended to do a mediumship reading. What would follow was the key to help her overcome her reason for the initial appointment. Her husband had died of cancer a decade ago and « sneaked » into the session. He probably « knew » that I would pass on the message. However, Marina would have never sought out someone specifically for a reading but ended up by « coincidence » with me. I got a powerful feeling that they couldn’t « let go of each other ». Marina’s husband kept showing me their wedding ring, tucked away in a bowl on her chest of drawers in her bedroom. For some reason, it seemed essential to give her an accurate description of her bedroom - probably so she would take on the rest of the information.

As we continued with the session, it became clear that he wanted her to move on and not feel any guilt about his passing. He didn’t want to hold her back but wanted her to start enjoying life. The promise they made to love each other eternally and stay married was so strong that it kept her « tied » to him even after his death.

Once Marina understood that her migraines' root cause was coming from the guilt she was carrying with her, the therapy session went on much smoother. She contacted me a few months after the second session and reported that the migraines have not returned.

*Names have been changed.

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Tatjana embodies compassion as both a medium and a teacher. Beyond her spiritual vocation, she also serves as a dedicated funeral celebrant, crafting authentic ceremonies that honor the memory of the deceased.

Fluent in English, French, and German, Tatjana considers Switzerland her home, but her influence extends to English-speaking countries, where she showcases her mediumship talents at conferences and workshops.

To learn more about Tatjana's role as a funeral celebrant, we invite you to explore her website.

You can reach Tatjana either by WhatsApp or on her landline at +41 22 731 9731.

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