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Mediumship Course and Personal Development

Guidance and Support

During Key Life Moments

Mediumship can provide much-needed guidance and support during significant life transitions, such as the loss of a loved one or after experiencing trauma like a severe illness or imminent death. It can also help you strengthen your trust in your inner compass during your spiritual journey.

Awaken Your Soul: In Search of Spiritual Development

During life transitions, like the loss of a loved one, a severe illness, or other significant changes, the soul's shell cracks open, often revealing another world – the veil lifts, as we say.

In some cultures, grieving individuals are revered for their heightened spirituality and are given an important place. Yet, in the Western culture, there's a call to provide these profound passages in life more room and embrace the unseen. It's often assumed that those grieving experience these spiritual moments by desperately seeking solace and meaning.

Those who haven't faced such trauma can't fully grasp the depth of emotions and profound experiences that accompany them. Mourning people often go through that journey alone, seeking insights into their spiritual encounters.

This marks the soul's awakening.

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Has your soul prompted you to explore this spiritual dimension within yourself?

A course on mediumship may seem intimidating, but if you feel drawn to gaining a better understanding of your soul, why not come and discover your innate intuition and embark on your spiritual development journey?

Enhance your intuition, connect with your soul, and communicate with spirits in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our courses are conducted online via Zoom, allowing people to connect regularly each week in the comfort of their homes. This allows for stable and sustainable spiritual development and the formation of friendships that develop, fostering exchanges with people facing similar challenges.

In-person meetings are arranged on specific themes to further the development and tighten the bonds between participants. What was once a lonely journey becomes one with other like-minded people connecting them worldwide.

Curious About the Effectiveness of Online Courses?

Our soul transcends physical distance; it can connect with others across the globe. As mediums, we understand that the physical presence of someone before us isn't essential for communicating with the spirit world. It's our own physical constraints that impose such limitations.

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Indeed, there are advantages to in-person interactions, and we'll organize occasional meet-ups for those interested in connecting beyond Zoom sessions.

Take this chance to explore our courses; our participants are genuinely delighted with their spiritual growth.

Unlock Your Full Potential



Refined Courses Offered by Soulwhisperer

Ready to discover the secrets of soul communication?

Drawing from her profound experiences of loss, Tatjana passionately guides individuals on their spiritual paths, generously sharing the secrets and wisdom of the spiritual language inherited from her esteemed mentor, Mavis Pittilla.

As a certified trainer endorsed by Mavis Pittilla, who herself was trained by the renowned Gordon Higginson, Tatjana takes great pride in carrying on Mavis's legacy and passing on her knowledge and insights to participants.

With enthusiasm, she imparts teachings on mediumship, customizing the courses to suit each student's level, ensuring they reach their fullest potential while nurturing their spiritual growth in a supportive manner.

Step into your spiritual family today.

Tatjana Radovanovic

How does the course benefit you?

  • What is mediumship?

  • Differentiating between psychic connection and mediumship.

  • Developing your psychic abilities.

  • Connecting with your soul.

  • Reading the aura of a sitter.

  • Learning to enhance your power.

  • Deepening your spiritual connection.

  • Understanding how the spirit world communicates.

  • Providing specific and verifiable information.

  • Developing all your "clair" faculties.

  • Honoring the sacred nature of mediumship.

  • Offering ethical and compassionate readings.

Embark on a Journey: Explore the Depths of the Soul and Mind

box of chocolate

Like a Box of Chocolates...

Let's Unveil Its Hidden Mysteries!

In our courses and workshops, boredom has no place.

Embark on a journey of discoveries and joy as you explore your soul!

Your Spiritual Journey

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The journey towards spiritual awakening, growth, and soul exploration is often a solitary path. Tatjana has traversed this path herself, and she understands well how valuable it is to be surrounded by people who share your experience and can support you on your journey.

Choose your Course

Soulwhisperer is here to ...

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  • INSPIRE YOU through our spiritual discussions.

  • HELP YOU recognize your own potential.

  • EMPOWER YOU in your spiritual journey.

  • DEMYSTIFY common misconceptions about spirituality and mediumship.

  • SUPPORT YOU in your growth.

  • SHARE our experiences and knowledge during our course to empower you to spread your wings.


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    I was overwhelmed by Tatjana's reading; the details were incredibly accurate. It was nice to hear your voice on the recording ... All this from a photo, and by distance, it's incredible... I came out of it calmly and serenely and have been grieving intensely for almost a year now. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! (translated from French)
    Josiane Hardelay
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    I have known Tatjana as a therapist but wanted to try mediumship. She gave information about a specific experience I shared with my mum and a piece of jewelry I inherited that I had never worn. She could not have known all that and more from the previous therapy session. It was mind-blowing… I smelled my mums’ perfume at the end of the session!
    Michèle H.
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    It was the first time I contacted a medium, but it definitely won’t be the last! She’s incredible! I got so much out of our reading, including messages from my grandparents, and from my sister. I told her absolutely nothing about myself, but she was spot on! I highly recommend her to anyone! (Testimony translated from French)
    Vera K.
  • account_circle
    My session with Tatjana has proven to be more beneficial than I could have imagined. I have found a sense of closure, which I was unaware of. More surprising was the peace that it brought me! The details she provided were astounding. I would encourage anyone with an open mind to book an appointment with her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Marcia W.
  • account_circle
    Thank you for an amazing session! You definitely exceeded my hopes. I felt the presence of my father so clearly and strongly. You brought so much peace to me. (Testimony translated from French)
    Vincent F.
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Tatjana embodies compassion as both a medium and a teacher. Beyond her spiritual vocation, she also serves as a dedicated funeral celebrant, crafting authentic ceremonies that honor the memory of the deceased.

Fluent in English, French, and German, Tatjana considers Switzerland her home, but her influence extends to English-speaking countries, where she showcases her mediumship talents at conferences and workshops.

To learn more about Tatjana's role as a funeral celebrant, we invite you to explore her website.

You can reach Tatjana either by WhatsApp or on her landline at +41 22 731 9731.

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